Lagotic Moon (the website) is the official home for the comics and poetry of Elan Radousky. Come on in. You are welcome. No need to ring the doorbell and wake up a sleepy poem from a dream about a napping lullaby. You don’t have to leave your shoes by the door but you can if you want to.  Snacks are optional, but sharing is caring. Also, breadcrumbs are the arch nemeses of our janitorial services. 

Lagotic Moon (the comic) is an internet comic strip about, well let’s just say it’s about adventure. The imaginary historians in my head insist that I also inform you that Lagotic Moon started as a spin off of Un-Re-Stop-Comics, an earlier comic by the same creator. Lagotic Moon is both written and drawn by Elan Radousky.  (Updates every Monday)

Elan Radousky‘s favorite color is blue. Since he almost always forgets to write down his dreams, he probably doesn’t know very many secrets about you. Elan is the creator of Lagotic Moon and the individual responsible for all the comics and poetry on this site. He is also super into juggling.