Maybe I should have stayed inside the boxes? …Nah!


What’s the strangest thing inside your fridge?
What would you do with a million pairs of hiking boots?
What’s your favorite song? … What? I said I had a bunch of questions.


Kid, you’ll move mountains! To tears as they try to figure out where you are going, and then the biggest mountain of them all will walk over to you and ask “Where are you going, kid?” and you will answer “I don’t know!” and then the mountain will cry, and you will feel bad for making the mountain cry. 


If a tree falls in a haunted woods and there is some one is around to hear it, but there aren’t actually any trees around in this part of the haunted woods, how confused does this hypothetical observer become if it does it make a sound?

Also, if you were dissapointed that no ghosts showed up in this comic, some ghosts did show up in my other comic today. Go take a look.


I wonder if that giant head I walked over a few days ago ever gets to smell any roses.


But now they are worn and I need new shoes. Adventure time! Again!


Sometimes there are words here. Words. Do you like words?


Don’t fold me up and put me in your pocket. Please. It is too dark in there and I am not on good terms with your keychain, and pocket lint, and breadcrumbs. 

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