Triangles! This triangle is (probably) not named Tim, however if you like comics about talking triangles, my other comic has some comics about a Triangle named Tim.

The Adventures of Tim the Triangle!
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Red sky at breakfast, please pass the syrup. Syrup does rhyme with breakfast, right? Okay fine, let me try again, I think I have something, maybe. Red sky at the tip of your tongue, sailors among? Far flung? Unsung? Dung dung dung? Whatever.

Also, I’m not sure sailing around the world on a giant banana is going to help me walk more, sigh.


The guidebook says that it is a three days walk to the center of the city. Okay, that’s nice, but what I want to know is the location where I am supposed to meet you. Also, the section on recommended restaurants and attractions seems to be missing. Does somebody hate food?


Behind the curtains, there is a window made out of the stuff that wizards and imaginary dreams are made of. One day if you break the glass we can be free. 

Also, in case anyone reading this is interested, I started posting comics again over at my other comic Un-Re-Stop-Comics. So if anyone wants to read some comics about a tiny triangle named Tim, and whatever a bunch of robots are up to, feel free to head over there and check them out. And don’t worry, it only uploads 6 days a week. 

Also, also, I tried to get the president of Windownia to sponsor this comic, but nobody replied to my emails. If anyone knows how to get in touch, please let me know.


The fourth thing to do is to ask the birds if they have a map. If they have one, you might have to trade something for it. While It might be tempting, don’t ever trade away your last scrap of food or sustenance. While a map is useful, so is not dying of starvation.


The light takes you out to see the world, because without it you would be unable to see.


Some people live in houses. Some people live in caves. Some people live in monsters. Wow! Think of all the money they must save.


Egg. World. What am I supposed to write down here today? If the comic doesn’t want to speak for itself, it probably just wants to hide behind the gray you eating mountain and read a book in the relative safety of fictional shadows. Also, I am suspicious of everything that even might possibly look like a bird, especially birds. Just saying. In other news, as of today my new personal five club juggling record is 29 catches. So, thanks for reading today’s comic, but now you should put down your super-powered comic viewing solar celled binoculars and go practice your juggling, or maybe, I don’t know, paint a painting of the universe? But also, don’t leave your  super-powered comic viewing solar celled binoculars on the ground like that. Somebody could trip over them and that would be something that could have been avoided? Sure, I’ll end with that. Goodbye, goodnight, good birds.