Triangles! This triangle is (probably) not named Tim, however if you like comics about talking triangles, my other comic has some comics about a Triangle named Tim.

The Adventures of Tim the Triangle!
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Red sky at breakfast, please pass the syrup. Syrup does rhyme with breakfast, right? Okay fine, let me try again, I think I have something, maybe. Red sky at the tip of your tongue, sailors among? Far flung? Unsung? Dung dung dung? Whatever.

Also, I’m not sure sailing around the world on a giant banana is going to help me walk more, sigh.


The fourth thing to do is to ask the birds if they have a map. If they have one, you might have to trade something for it. While It might be tempting, don’t ever trade away your last scrap of food or sustenance. While a map is useful, so is not dying of starvation.


I say that I only speak the truth, but what if that’s a lie? What if everything’s a lie. Because listen, time is an imaginary construct and so it is actually impossible for me to be late. Also, I may have wrecked your boat. Can you pick me up somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle? Thanks!


Some say that the krakens won’t eat you if you manage to keep them properly entertained. Others don’t say anything at all. Presumably because they’ve been eaten by the krakens. However, some others disagree and say that it is more likely that they are simply on vacation or have taken a vow of silence to appease the tallest waves. On the other hand, and no, I have no idea whose hand we are talking about at this point, maybe they took a vow of silence, went on a vacation, and got eaten by the krakens. They say you can’t do it all, but who are they anyway, and did they get eaten by the krakens? I say yes.


If you put enough random x’s on your map, you can spend all day searching for the buried treasure of pirates and space penguins. You might never get to wherever you thought you were going, but really, was that even the point anyway? I doubt it. Sure grandmother might like chocolate chip cookies, but who is going complain about a chest full of space penguin treasure? Well maybe the space penguin, but that’s more along the lines of, hey stop stealing all my cleverly hidden space treasure chests, and not, but I was really looking forward to the cookies. Look, I’ll be the first to admit that if your grandmother is a space penguin you might have a problem.


Can’t decide on what color you dream boat should be? No problem, just get a color changing boat. Satisfaction guaranteed. Disclaimer: Color changing boats may attract sharks, mermaids, and medium sized krakens.


I’d sail towards the shore but I have no sails. I also don’t seem to have and oars or paddles. Also I can’t seem to see the shore. At least I seem to have packed a lunch. I know it might be lunch time because I’m eating lunch. If you come rescue me, I’d be happy to share.