If I name my boat Banana, does this count as a banana split? Inquiring minds sorta kind of maybe want to know.


Hey did you know I write poetry? Anyway, I put some new poems up today. You should go read them… like right now! Go and read my new collection: Cooking With Spinach!


But who watches the watchers that forget how to watch?


An unknown person place or thing walk into a bar and says ouch. The bar says, thanks for reading my comic. So go outside and practice your juggling. The unknown person place or thing say, oh hey look, a talking bar. After that, maybe, the bar sighs. The end.


I couldn’t see any familiar places in the room, but then I looked outside. I don’t know how people managed before the invention of windows. Maybe they had glass doors?

Today, my other comic seems to be about snakes.

Monster Talk

It was actually saying “Where did you get that cool looking boat. Yellow is my favorite color. Do you want to hang out. I don’t have many friends as most sea monsters hate the color yellow and make fun of me.“


Are there even other people? I mean, I think there are, but I haven’t seen any in awhile. If you are a person and hiding nearby my current location can you please come out and reveal yourself. Thanks.


Follow your heart
across the sea
over mountains
and under bridges
sometimes through a maze
or the ruins of an amusement park

wherever it goes
you must follow your heart
because your heart has a terrible sense of direction
and will need your assistance eventually
once it has gotten lost
and just wants to go back home

and you will be there to guide it
as long as you follow your heart