July the fourth be with you.
Open your eyes to the exploding heavens
and make friends with earplugs.
Life is a holiday, they say.


a brightly colored rubber bag
inflated with air and sealed at the neck,
attached to a string and very green,
my new best friend


If I stay up all night adventuring I won’t have to worry about oversleeping and missing out on tomorrow’s adventure because I’ll already be awake. And sure, no matter how far my adventure takes me, someday, maybe even very soon, sleep will catch up to me, but then, I’ll just have to have my next adventure in my dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was off adventuring, but when I awoke I realized that I had overslept, and the great adventure of today had only just begun to start.  


Adventure has already called out my name. This is strange because I never mentioned it to adventure. Did you tell adventure what my name was?  If you are going to go around telling people’s names to adventure, maybe teach it to pronounce them right. Anyway I’ve got to go, adventure calls.

This Adventure


This adventure is so not overrated. Like if you had to choose between being on this adventure and saving a baby, I feel bad for the baby. Maybe you could do both. Save the baby and go on the adventure? You could even take the baby on the adventure. Then the baby could grow up on the adventure and have the best childhood ever. Best adulthood ever too probably. I don’t foresee this adventure wrapping up any time in the foreseeable future. So yeah, definitely bring the baby. We need it to carry on after us when we get too old and too frail to keep on going.