If I name my boat Banana, does this count as a banana split? Inquiring minds sorta kind of maybe want to know.

Monster Talk

It was actually saying “Where did you get that cool looking boat. Yellow is my favorite color. Do you want to hang out. I don’t have many friends as most sea monsters hate the color yellow and make fun of me.“


Follow your heart
across the sea
over mountains
and under bridges
sometimes through a maze
or the ruins of an amusement park

wherever it goes
you must follow your heart
because your heart has a terrible sense of direction
and will need your assistance eventually
once it has gotten lost
and just wants to go back home

and you will be there to guide it
as long as you follow your heart


Hello adventurer. I’m just your regular old friendly neighborhood everyday sea monster. I’m here to invite you to the neighborhood and invite you over for dinner. We’re having fish casserole but if you’re vegetarian or allergic to fish or something, we can prepare something that better fits your dietary restrictions. Do you like kelp?


Maybe I should start watching you?


Triangles! This triangle is (probably) not named Tim, however if you like comics about talking triangles, my other comic has some comics about a Triangle named Tim.

The Adventures of Tim the Triangle!
Part One: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Part Two: 9-17


Red sky at breakfast, please pass the syrup. Syrup does rhyme with breakfast, right? Okay fine, let me try again, I think I have something, maybe. Red sky at the tip of your tongue, sailors among? Far flung? Unsung? Dung dung dung? Whatever.

Also, I’m not sure sailing around the world on a giant banana is going to help me walk more, sigh.


The fourth thing to do is to ask the birds if they have a map. If they have one, you might have to trade something for it. While It might be tempting, don’t ever trade away your last scrap of food or sustenance. While a map is useful, so is not dying of starvation.