Also, a mountain troll ate my homework. I told it not to.


I might never climb a mountain, but I do sometimes bring juggling balls on hikes.


Kid, you’ll move mountains! To tears as they try to figure out where you are going, and then the biggest mountain of them all will walk over to you and ask “Where are you going, kid?” and you will answer “I don’t know!” and then the mountain will cry, and you will feel bad for making the mountain cry. 


Climb every mountain
Search high and low
To find every mountain
So you’ll know when you’ve climbed them all

I suggest you make a check list


You live along lost mountains 
in your silent castle of forgotten names. 

Always looking up to the snowy peaks 
as they constantly pester 
the easily distracted 
sky of clouds and island birds.

Sometimes when I am cold and visiting you, 
I shiver below the backdrop of grand mountains 
looming so high.  

This invisible appeal is present to some extent 
in every home.


wander together

Over ponds. Under bridges. Across busy intersections. Between beehives. Near illegal toxic waste dumps. Through swamps. Against brick walls. Into used bookstores. Over waterfalls. Under Waterfalls. Into waterfalls. Beneath the sky. Above majestic mudslides.  On logs. Across logs too. In shade. When the wind blows. Into caves. Next to ferns. Before tomorrow. Beyond the familiar and expected. Back home in time for supper and/or dreams.