But who watches the watchers that forget how to watch?


Behind the curtains, there is a window made out of the stuff that wizards and imaginary dreams are made of. One day if you break the glass we can be free. 

Also, in case anyone reading this is interested, I started posting comics again over at my other comic Un-Re-Stop-Comics. So if anyone wants to read some comics about a tiny triangle named Tim, and whatever a bunch of robots are up to, feel free to head over there and check them out. And don’t worry, it only uploads 6 days a week. 

Also, also, I tried to get the president of Windownia to sponsor this comic, but nobody replied to my emails. If anyone knows how to get in touch, please let me know.


Lagotic Moon C31 glass

Mr president, another person has gone outside. That makes four this week. I know that it is against the constitution of our awesome country to deny people doors, but they were never intended to use them.

We can’t outlaw glass doors because the glass lobby is too strong. Have you seen their representative? He can lift like 700 pounds.

Ask them nicely to come back inside? Do you really think that might work? Besides how are we supposed to communicate with them. Most outsiders have thrown away their walkie talkies and cell reception gets terrible if you get too far from civilization. Surely you wouldn’t consider requiring someone to go outside?

Oh you are thinking volunteers? But who would volunteer for that job? You’ve already gotten six applicants? That doesn’t make any sense. Wait, I signed up for this? Oh hell no I didn’t!

Have I just been defenestrated out the presidential window? I think I have. Crap. I am outside. This is not good. Also I am falling. That also doesn’t seem very good. I’m really more worried about the being outside thing though.

Ten years later…

Sign: Welcome to Windownia. Population? Yes.

Voice over: Windownia – defenestrating our presidents since 1987. If that sounds dirty to you, the president was also chewing gum. Which president? All of them!